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May 1, 2008
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Narrator(me):After Zuko was finally accepted, the banished prince was mostly left out by the gang. Everytime they have plans, he just sit's in the corner and would quietly wait for them to finish.    
        One night, while they were eating dinner, Toph, a young earthbender, felt Zuko's sorrow and decided to let Katara call him knowing that it was the last thing the young water tribe peasant would do.

Toph: Hey guys, don't you think we should invite Zuko over here. He can't be that dangerous anymore. I mean, he hasn't laid any finger on us all week. It's the least we could do.

Aang: I guess your right. He did teach me firebending. I guess having him for dinner won't hurt.

Sokka: Fine by me. Go get him, Toph.

Toph: Nah. Let sugar queen do it. She never talks to him at all.

Narrator(me): After Katara heard this, she accidentally spit out the food she was eating.

Sokka: Good idea. Hey sis! Fetch!!! hahaha!!!

Katara: Oh yeah very funny, Sokka. Hope you don't choke! And why does it have to be me? Huh?! I talk to him too, ya know! Just not often.

Aang: Yeah. I have seen you talk to him, Katara...when your making fun of him.

Katara: Gee, thanks Aang. I could always count on you.

Narrator(me):After a few pleedings, the young girl finally invited the banished prince to eat with them.

Katara: Hey...

Zuko: Hey... (looking down)

Katara: Instead of sitting in the join us?

Zuko: I'm fine.

Katara: Come on. I'll help you up.

Narrator(me): Zuko looked up and he saw the young peasant girl smile at him. The banished prince blushed and looked away.

Zuko: It's okay.

Narrator(me): Irritated, the young maiden sat before the mysterious prince and whispered in a mad voice...

Katara: (whispers in a mad voice) LOOK! I came all the way here to invite you to join us in eating dinner. Just so you know, I hate this as much as you do! They just forced me. The least you could do is look me in the eyes when I'm talking to you!

Narrator(me): Zuko's golden eyes looked straight into Katara's crystal blue eye's and there was a "DRAMATIC PAUSE" (*wink *wink). Then...

Katara: So? Are you coming or not?!

Zuko: Fine.

Narrator(me): the young maiden tried to help the banished prince up by reaching her hands to him but he ignored it and stood up on his own.

Katara: Fiiiiiine...(mocking Zuko)

Zuko: (looking back at Katara) Hey Katara...

Katara: Yes? (hoping for Zuko to say..."Come on" smiling...)

Zuko: I can hear you.

Katara: *bleh* xp

Narrator(me): Zuko smiled a bit with his"SUPER HOT, SUPER COOL, BAD BOY LOOK"
            The next morning, the gang made a plan for their attack when the next comet comes. But before they do...They need to know the plan of the Firelord so that they can avoid any surprises the Firelord made for them.

Aang: Exactly when is the next comet coming?

Sokka: No one knows but I'm sure it's coming in a few months.

Toph: So how can we plan for our attack if we don't even know when we will do it.

Aang: Not to mention the Firelord. We can't spoil his plans if we don't know what they are. We don't even know where the Firelord is.

Narrator(me): As ex-prince of the Fire Nation, surely Zuko knew something about it. So he finally spoke up.

Zuko: I think I know where they're hiding. It's not that far. I can go there and steal his plans. He has a meeting about it every afternoon.

Sokka: Good. We solved that problem, so all we need to know is the date of our attack.

Aang: So when are we going there Zuko?

Zuko: No. It's too dangerous. There are too many guards. I'm going alone.

Aang: No way! You're gonna need help.

Zuko: No! You have to stay here and train.

Aang: Then let Toph go with you.

Toph: Are you kidding? I'm exhausted!

Aang: Sokka?

Sokka: Sorry, no can do. I still have to hunt for dinner.

Narrator(me):While the handsome prince was walking away... everyone looked at the the young maiden...

Katara: What's everyone looking at?!

Aang: Come Katara, I have  something to show you

Narrator(me): Knowing that the maiden will definitely refuse, the wise little airbender didn't tell her.

Aang: Hey Zuko!!!

(Zuko looked back)

Aang: Guess who's gonna accompany you on your journey...

Narrator(me): The handsome prince saw the beautiful maiden and the maiden saw the banished prince...They were both shocked.

Zuko/Katara: What?! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!

Aang: (dragging Katara to Zuko.) Oh come on guys.

Zuko: No. I said I'm going alone.

Aang: Yeah. But you also said that it's dangerous that's why you need someone with you.

Katara: But why me?!

Aang: everyone's occupied. Besides, if you guys don't stop hating each other Toph and Sokka will get the idea that you like each other.

Katara: Yeah right... pfuh.

Zuko: Like that'll ever happen.

Zuko/Katara: IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! HA..HA...HAHA...HAHA...EH..UM *coughs*

Aang: Okaaaay(teasing)....You do know opposites attract right?

Katara: What are you saying?

Aang: Oh nothing...Have you heard of the story of Yin and Yang?

Zuko: What's your point?

Aang: Oh I don't know..There is a saying the more you hate, the more you love ^^

Narrator(me): The banished prince and the young maiden got the wise airbender's point. They look at each other from head to toe. Then finally....

Zuko/Katara: Fine! We'll do it!!

Zuko: But she better not do anything foolish.

Katara: Right! Me, foolish! And I suppose chasing Aang aroung the world isn't!

Narrator(me): Before anything else, Aang, the little airbender, push them away to start their journey.

Aang: Okay guys. Why don't you discuss these things while walking to the Firelord's place... (pushes Zuko and Katara)

Narrator(me): They both argued all the way.Then...the young prince placed his soft,warm hand on the beautiful maiden's mouth and pulled her in a corner.

Zuko: Shhhh...

Katara: I can't breathe. Take your hand off my mouth!!!

Narrator(me): They were fighting but they always liked it when they argue. ^^

Zuko: Shhhh...

Katara: Would it kill you to tell me why you dragged me here?

Zuko: Guards. Come on I think it's safe.

Narrator(me): They tip toed all the way. And when they were almost to their destination....

Guard: Hey! Who's there?!

Zuko: Come on walk faster....

Guard: Hey!!!! STOP!!!

Narrator(me): The young maiden tried to run but the young prince pulled her back. He pushed her against the wall and he surrounded her with his arms so that she can't get out.

Katara: What are you doing?

Zuko: Don't run... He'll suspect us

Katara: Oh yeah let's just stay here and get ourselves caught and maybe the Firelord will just tell us he's plans and let us go unharmed..

Zuko: Shhhh. I'm thinking.

Katara: Well could you hurry up. The guard's getting closer every second you know.

Zuko: I got it.

Katara: What?

Zuko: You wanna live?

Katara: Is that a trick question?

Zuko: Kiss me.

Katara: What?!

Zuko: Trust me just do it.

Katara: No way. You're kidding right?

Zuko: Anytime now Katara...

Katara: I am gonna kill you after this!!

Zuko: Later!

Narrator(me): Hurriedly they kissed each other. They were shocked at first but they felt something different while they did this. It was nothing normal that's for sure. Their hearts and souls were burning with passion. That very moment they realized that it wasn't just a pretend kiss anymore. They weren't sure of what they felt but they knew they liked it and they didn't want it to end.
         The beautiful maiden then closed her eyes and the handsome prince pushed himself even closer. As the guard passed by, he saw them kissing.

Guards: *grumbles* Darn teenagers. (then continues walking)

Narrator(me): Who knew that the last thing they would do would actually be the one thing that would save their lives. Not to mention bring them closer to each other.
          The young prince looked at the beautiful maiden. Brushing his hands on her soft tan face. For the first time he looked her straight in the eyes without feeling any shame. The young maiden stared at his golden eyes. She saw something in there that made all her fears and hatred for the banished prince go away. They didn't want that moment to end. They made it look like they didn't see the guard go away already.
          The young maiden brushed her hands on the handsome prince's soft dark brown hair pulling him closer. The young prince felt the maiden's chest rubbed against his. They felt each other's heartbeats. Their breathing became deeper with every movement of their lips. The handsome prince took his hands from the wall putting it into the maiden's back pulling her even closer than before. Then his hands began to slide down the maiden's wonderful body. Then after a few moments later, the young prince pulled back. Whispering he said....

Zuko: I think he's gone...

Katara: Look who did something foolish now.

Zuko: What? I just saved our butts and that's the thanks I get?

Katara: You got your thanks.

(whispering to self, smiling)
Zuko: Yeah.

Katara: You didn't just kiss me to save us from getting caught did you...
(teasing the young prince)

Zuko: What do you mean?!

Katara: I mean! You kissed me on purpose!!!

Zuko: Of course I did!!! I had too!!!

Katara: Yeah right! You were pulling me closer!

Zuko: I was pulling you closer?!! You were the one pulling my hair!!!

Katara: Well I had to!!! You were to far!

Zuko: So you finally admit that you were trying to reach my lips. HA!

Katara: I had to make it believable somehow!!! Besides! You made the first move! You kissed me first!!!

Zuko: Well I had to! The guard might suspect us! You liked it anyway...

Katara: I did not!! I was pretending!!

Zuko: Yeah...If you were pretending why did you kiss me back? explain that!!

Narrator(me): This went on until they finally found a vent leading to the Firelord's meeting room. They listened to the Firelord's plan and got away safely. They went back to tell the others and on their way they never talked about that kiss. Who knew that two very very very different people who've been fighting each other their whole lives would share the same desire and passion....I guess there's is always a first for eveything. ^^

Is Aang allowing Zutara to happen? Why?
When will the comet arrive? Will it ever arrive?

What will they do next???

I got this idea from a dream i had a long time ago...I hope you'll like it. I stayed up all night and finally it's done!!! YAY!!! ^^

Zutara_Unexpected_cover [link]

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