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May 27, 2008
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Narrator: Katara froze!! She didn’t know what to do! Then Zuko realized what he just did and he was pulled back to reality. He’s eyes widened. He didn’t know what got into him. He backed away from Katara and gave her some space. Katara looked at him confused. He knew Katara was looking at him but he was too embarrassed to look back. He lost control of himself.

(inside Zuko’s mind)
Zuko: How could I be so pathetic?! I’m so stupid! Now I’ll probably never get a chance to gain her trust back… Argh!!!!

Narrator: Zuko ran into the woods. He never looked at Katara. Katara wanted to stop him but she figured that he’s just as confused as she was and that he probably needed some time alone. So she slowly walked towards the fire holding her lips. Her legs were still shaking from what happened. They were far away from each other but they had the same thoughts. The anger, the love, the passion….THE KISS. (The DRAMA!!! oh my god! It’s killin’ me!!!)
         Hours passed and Zuko still hasn’t return. Katara decided to look for him. She left their stuffs and went after Zuko. She looked everywhere but Zuko was nowhere to be found. She found footsteps leading to the bushes. It looked nothing like Zuko’s so she decided to prepare herself for whatever she will find. She saw a bit of light so she knew they were humans. She crawled into the bushes. Her head was coming out from the other side of the bush while her body was still inside it.
         She felt someone coming from behind her so she immediately hid back inside the bush. Her foot was coming out and the person tripped. It was Zuko! Oh, was she glad to see him. She came out and helped him up.

Katara: Where have you been?!

Zuko: I was…just having some time alone. (blushing)

Katara: Well, next time you do that make sure to come back. You really had me worried. (also blushing)

Zuko: Wha-

Katara: Shhhhh.

Narrator: Remember those people that Katara spotted earlier? Well, they heard them and they woke up.
          Katara dragged Zuko back into the bushes and they both peeped out. They saw a little girl and a soldier.

Girl: Whose there?! (looking at the bushes)

Narrator: The girl’s voice sounded familiar to Zuko and Katara’s ears.

Soldier: Show yourself!

Girl: Well, actually Sokka, there are two of them so it’s probably, “show yourselves”.

Soldier: Well Toph, we can’t all feel the people around us.

Katara: Sokka?

Zuko: …

Katara: Toph?

Narrator: They jumped out of the bushes and shouted…

Katara: Sokka! Toph!

Zuko: It’s us!!

Sokka: Katara?

Toph: with Zuko?

Katara: I thought you guys were in trouble. (crying while hugging Sokka)

Sokka: Well, we were. Sort of.

Zuko: Hey.

Toph: Where were you?! You owe me big time now!

Zuko: Sure. (looking down) What happened to your feet?

Toph: Why don’t you ask the Fire Nation soldiers and your crazy sister.

Katara: It looks okay. It just needs a little healing touch. (checking Toph’s feet)

Toph: Yeah it doesn’t really hurt that much anymore.

Katara: I left my carrier at camp so we might as well go back.

Zuko: Yeah. It’s getting dark.

Sokka: So sis, having to spend a lot of time with Zuko must have been a huge pain, huh.

Narrator: Zuko and Katara looked at each other and then shyly looked away.

Toph: Did I miss something?

Sokka: Did something happen?

Katara: Nothing happened.

Zuko: …

Toph: You’re lying…

Sokka: Spit it out sis!

Katara: Nothing!

Sokka: Zuko?!

Zuko: Not a….

Katara: I’m tired. Let’s just go back to camp.

Sokka: If I-

Katara: Come on Sokka! You’re over reacting again.

Sokka: Over reacting?! Over reacting?! I have you know-

Toph: Common Sparky!

Narrator: Toph threw her arm on Zuko’s shoulders and Zuko lifted her up. He carried her all the way until they reached camp and then he placed her on a rock.

Sokka: Whoa! What is that?!

Katara: Relax Sokka. It’s not gonna bite.

Zuko: It’s an ostrich horse. I had one before.

Sokka: Then no doubt it’s gonna kill us! It has to go.

Katara: It’s our transportation! Now eat!!

Sokka: If it wasn’t for this delicious food, I swear he will go back to where ever he came from.

Katara: Alright Sokka.

Zuko: What do you want to eat?

Toph: You choose. You’re the one who could see.

Zuko: Oh.

Narrator: Katara watched as Sokka ate everything. Getting a piece of everything he could reach. Then her eyes turned to Zuko. He was feeding Toph. She wondered if he ever did this to Azula when they were kids but then she shook her head and stared at the fire. She tried to avoid looking at him but she heard Toph laugh and she couldn’t help but stare.

Zuko: How’s this?

Toph: Mmmm! This is not bad. Not bad at all. Where’d you learn to cook like this?

Zuko: Actually it was given to us.

Toph: No wonder it tastes so good.

Zuko: Should I get you more?

Toph: Bring it!

Narrator: Zuko fed Toph just like they were brothers and sisters. Then, it was bedtime once again!

Sokka: Bedtime!!

Katara: Come on Toph, you’re sleeping with me in-

Sokka: Looks like I’m sleepin’ with ya tonight sis.

Narrator: Katara and Sokka watched. Zuko was leaning on the ostrich horse with his eyes closed. Toph was sleeping on his lap. She was curled up like a baby.

Sokka: Aw, they look so cute.

Katara: Yeah, I guess you’re right. (jealous)

Narrator: Morning came and Zuko was the first one to wake up. He looked around for any weird things that may be signs from the Fire Nation but there was none. He decided to go for a quick meditation.
         He started to undress himself leaving only his pants on. By and by, Katara also woke up. She peeped out of the tent and like Zuko, she searched for any signs of the Fire Nation around. Then she stepped out and stretched a bit. She noticed that Zuko wasn’t there anymore. She looked for him and found him meditating the river.
Katara: Up already?

Zuko: Hey.

Katara: You know, for a lazy prince, you sure wake up early.

Zuko: Well, I AM a fire bender. I’ve told you before. I rise with the sun. (closing his eyes)

Katara: Zuko?

Zuko: …

Katara: Zuko…

Narrator: Zuko went back to meditating. Katara got irritated so she ran and pushed him into the river.

Zuko: What?!

Katara: Nothing.

Zuko: Why’d you do that?!

Katara: Keep is down. It was just for fun.

Zuko: You know I hate the water!!!

Katara: Alright. Sorry.

Narrator: Katara sat down on the riverbank and dipped her feet in the clear water. Zuko came closer to her.

Katara: You had a good sleep?

Zuko: Yeah. Did you? (starting to blush remembering what happened between them)

Katara: How could I not? It was a lovely night. I mean, we found Sokka. Toph is healed.  And- (stopped also remembering what happened )…uh…

Zuko: Oh…Yeah…Sorry…about… what happened…

Katara: Oh. Uh…*cough* Yeah. Sorry too.

Zuko: No. It was my fault. I should’ve known better.

Katara: It’s alright. It’s also my-

Zuko: Let’s just forget it ever happened.

Katara: Yeah.

Zuko: …

Katara: You always say that people don’t know you-

Zuko: They don’t.

Katara: Let me then.

Narrator: Zuko came closer and closed his eyes as Katara held out her hand. She touched his scar like she did in the “Zutara Cave” (Ba Sing Se). She traced the detail of his scar. Then again Zuko pulled back. He remembered last night and he pulled away.

Katara: Zuko…

Zuko: I’m sorry.

Katara: No. It’s okay.

Zuko: No! I-

Katara: Zuko. Listen. The truth is…

Zuko: I was so confused. I was so stupid to do that. (turned back from Katara)

Katara: No. You weren’t. (going into the water)

Zuko: I should’ve- (shocked)

Katara: It’s ok, Zuko. (hugging Zuko)

Narrator: Zuko was so mad at himself at the same time embarrassed. He turned away from Katara. Katara tried to explain to Zuko that it was okay but Zuko kept going on blabbering. Katara went into the water and Zuko suddenly stopped when Katara hugged him.

Zuko: You’re…not mad?

Katara: Of course not.

Zuko: You forgive me?

Katara: I did say it was okay.

Zuko: So… (blushing)

Katara: Next time, asked permission first.

Zuko: What do you mean? Ask permission from who?

(he still doesn’t get girls… *sigh)

Zuko: And even if you forgave me for what happened, I’ll never gain your trust back. (looking away)

Katara: In time, you will.

Zuko: You really think so?

Katara: I know so. Come on. I’m hungry. Let’s have breakfast. (trying to find an excuse)

Narrator: Zuko and Katara got out of the river soaking wet. Katara bended the water from her shirt back to the river and did the same with Zuko.
          Few minutes later Toph woke up.

Toph: I smell food! Sparky! Food! Now!

Katara: Get your own Toph, he’s still eating.

Zuko: No. It’s okay. I’m not that hungry anyway.

Katara: But-

Zuko: No Katara. It’s my punishment. Its okay. (standing up and bringing food to Toph)

Toph: And here comes another delicious meal!!

Zuko: So… how was your sleep?

Toph: Actually…it was pretty great! Who knew you’d smell so good.

Zuko: … (starting to blush)

Toph: What’s the matter Sparky? It was just a compliment.

Zuko: I think it was just the food.

Toph: Nah. It was you.

Katara: Okay-

Toph: Someone’s coming.

Zuko: Who?

Toph: I can’t tell but they’re not friendly, that’s for sure.

Katara: How many?

Toph: A lot. We need to hurry. They’re not that far but we still have time to get away.

Narrator: Katara woke Sokka while Toph and Zuko started packing their things.

Toph: Hurry!

Narrator: Zuko and Sokka just finished loading their things on the ostrich horse when the soldiers jumped out of the bushes. They were spotted but Toph swiftly lifted her arms and brought the gang underground. The soldiers looked for them but they were to deep to be dug. Meanwhile…

Aang: Are you sure about this?

Soldier: Yeah. I know the way around and I’m sure it’ll work.

Aang: How can I be sure this is not a trick?

Soldier: I’ve spent most of my time planning your escape and you still don’t trust me?

Aang: Alright. When are we doing this?

Soldier: The day before the celebration.

Aang: Okay… When is that again?

Soldier: It’s in five days.

Aang: Five days?! How are we gonna get ready for this? I don’t even know where I’m staying!

Soldier: Keep it down. Someone might here us. I already told you. You can hide in my place. Just for a while. Besides, I think you’ll get along with my kids.

Aang: You have kids?!

Soldier: They’re friendly and they know how to keep a secret.

Aang: Fine. What other choice do I have?

Soldier: Good. Now let’s agree never to talk about this until the day we do the plan.

Aang: Agreed.

Soldier: Well, I gotta go.

Narrator: The soldier left Aang eating breakfast. Let’s go back to the gang shall we? ... *goes microscopic and travels through the next page of the imaginary book*
           Toph made a tunnel while Zuko made a tiny ball of fire just sitting few inches above his palm to light the way. They both walked ahead. Following them was the ostrich horse carrying Katara and Sokka on it’s back along with their other stuffs.

Sokka: Toph, it’s been hours… I think. Are you sure you know where you’re going?

Katara: I’d have to agree with him on this one. Are they still out there?

Toph: Nah. I just like staying in places where I am the only one who could get us out.

Zuko: So we’ve been staying here for nothing?

Katara: Toph! You bring us to the surface right now or I’ll-

Toph: Oh fine. You always take away the fun. (lifting her arms and bringing the gang up to the surface)

Sokka: Air!!! Land!!! *Shipping clue*( seriously I was just writing this down. I never would have noticed this if I hadn’t read it again)

Toph: Oh that’s so dramatic Sokka.

Katara: Zuko…What’s wrong?

Zuko: This place looks familiar.

Sokka: Hey look you guys! I found something!!

Narrator: It was a cave (Remember the one where Zuko and Uncle Iroh stayed before Zuko left him?). Everyone cautiously went inside the cave. It was dark so Zuko lit a tiny ball of flame on his palm like before. They examined the cave.

Sokka: Hey, check this out. It must be a sign from outer space!

Katara: A tea cup?

Sokka: Oh sorry. It’s just junk.

Zuko: No…It’s a tea cup! (excited and smiling)

Sokka: Like I said. It’s JUNK.

Zuko: No. Don’t you get it?!

Katara: What’s there to get? IT’S A TEA CUP.

Zuko: And who’s the one always drinking tea?

Toph: Your uncle!

Zuko: Exactly!

Uncle: Prince Zuko? (going inside the cave)

Zuko: Uncle?

Uncle: What are you doing here?

Zuko: Uncle! (hugging him) I thought everything through and I finally decided to join the Avatar.

Uncle: I’m glad to hear that Prince Zuko. So where IS the Avatar?

Zuko: Well…

Sokka: We don’t know.

Toph: We were separated.

Katara: Azula took him.

Zuko: They’re celebrating his capture in five days.

Uncle: That is terrible. But first, I am Iroh. Surely we’ve met but I never caught your name.

Sokka: It’s Sokka. I’m the “idea guy”.

Uncle: Lovely to meet you.

Toph: Hey Iroh!!

Uncle: Small world isn’t it, Miss Toph? Please…call me Uncle. Ah…you must be Lady Katara.

Katara: Nice to see again Uncle. (still feeling awkward about calling Iroh her uncle but doesn’t know why)

Uncle: The Painted Lady was quite impressive.

Zuko: Painted Lady?

Katara: How’d you-

Uncle: Well, you are like my nephew.

Katara: ???

Zuko: What are you talking about Uncle?

Uncle: You are both definitely alike. You both go in disguise and help people.

Zuko: Uncle … What are you doing?

Uncle: Did you tell them about the time you set the Avatar’s bison free?

Sokka: You freed Appa?

Katara: What?!

Uncle: And don’t forget the time you saved the Avatar himself.

Sokka: Huh?

Katara: You’re the Blue Spirit!

Zuko: Uncle! They didn’t know!

Uncle: Oh dear. I am most sorry.

Zuko: Argh!!! You can’t go out blowing people’s secrets like that!

Toph: Wow. What else is new?

Katara: Well, were planning on finding Aang and help him escape.

Sokka: When?

Zuko: On the day of the celebration.

Sokka: Weird. Toph and I were planning the same.

Katara: Great! Then we can all go together.

Zuko: Where’s Uncle?

Toph: Oh don’t worry. I can feel him. He’s not that far. And he’s not in any danger either. He’ll be back.

Narrator: They were so caught up in their little conversation that they didn’t notice Uncle go out. He went to get something. Later he came back. He was still outside but Toph felt him.

Toph: Well, well, well, look whose back.

Narrator: Everyone looked back to see who it was. They saw Uncle enter the cave with his ostrich horse in his hand.

Zuko: Where have you been?

Toph: Who’s your friend?

Sokka: Friend?! It looks just like that THING we rode on! Don’t worry! I’ll save you!!!!! (about to get up and save Uncle)

Narrator: Before Sokka could even get up from where he sat, Katara pulled his shirt bringing him back down.

Katara: First of all, it’s an ostrich horse. And second, if it was to attack Uncle, why would he be holding a rope attached to it in his hands?

Uncle: It’s mine. I hope you don’t mind me bringing your pet a company.

Katara: Oh no. I bet he would be delighted.

Zuko: You can put him beside Tai.

Sokka: Who?

Toph: Wow idea guy and I thought you’re smart. You should’ve probably known it by now.

Sokka: Know what?!

Toph: Tai is the name of the beast you’ve been riding on, DUH!

Sokka: Oh…. Pffft…I knew that…*sarcasm*

Toph: Ya sure did…. *sarcasm*

Uncle: I’ll just go there and then we can all have tea.

Zuko: Okay Uncle.

Narrator: Uncle went back and he made them tea. They all talked about what happened to them (but of course Zuko and Katara said nothing bout their kiss). And how they met and how they got there.

Uncle: What an incredible journey you’ve went through Miss Toph and Sokka. And you make me so proud with your transformation nephew.

Zuko: Well… I had help. (looking at Katara)

Uncle: Oh dear we’ve talked all morning. It’s time for launch.

Sokka: What do you want? We have…. uh… whatever we ate. They were delicious!

Zuko: I’ll go get them.

Narrator: Zuko went out and got their food. He went back. Everyone looked so happy. He smiled a bit trying his best to hide it. Then he went inside and distributed the food.

Sokka: Food!

Uncle: Did you make this prince Zuko?

Sokka: Nope. It was given.

Uncle: Oh. It is delightful.

Zuko: Here you go. (Giving a bowl filled with food to Katara)

Katara: Thank you.

Zuko: …uh… (starting to blush)

Katara: … (embarrassed)

Narrator: You may be wondering why Katara was embarrassed. Well, when Zuko handed her the bowl, the food almost fell out of it so she tried to catch it. She hurriedly held out her hand but instead of putting her hand on the bowl she accidentally placed her hand on top of Zuko’s. (OMG…. wahahahahha!!!) Zuko’s golden eyes met Katara’s crystal blue eyes once again.

Uncle: My, my, what a beautiful picture.

Narrator: Zuko immediately pulled his hand away leaving the bowl on Katara’s hands.

Zuko: Sorry.

Katara: It’s fine.

Narrator: Sokka and Toph looked at each other with that “I know something happened between them” look. xD

Sokka: Man! That food was delicious!!! I can’t wait for dinner.

Uncle: We will rest for a few minutes and then you will train.

Sokka: Train?!

Uncle: If you are to get the Avatar out, you need to get through a lot of Fire Nation Soldiers.

Katara: Well, I guess we could use a little training.

Toph: Little? You mean A LOT!!!

Zuko: Yeah. We never practiced after we were separated.

Narrator: Man! This is tiring. I gotta get some sleep… Welp, see ya next chapter!

P.S. I’m dropping a lot of Zutara moments next chapter so make sure you catch it… ; )

I'm starting to gain my inspiration back. to those who gave me ideas thank you so muh it's time you take a rest... ^-^ next one coming up in a quicky...

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